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Pressure point massage 2

A complementary approach to Healthcare using techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Qigong for Healing including Acupressure

Initial consultation involves a discussion about the clients problem(s), any existing course of treatment being followed, and the taking of a brief medical history.

This is followed by an examination looking at the face and tongue, overall body posture, checking for any energy imbalances by sensing and taking of the pulses.

Client remains clothed at all times and I try to provide a comfortable and safe environment to assist in healing.

An initial set of simple exercises will be taught.

During the second and subsequent sessions, qigong exercises specific to clients needs will be taught, and client will be shown several points where they can apply self acupressure to release energy blockages and improve health.

Please note I do not diagnose, that is for the medical professionals. I only assess energy imbalances which are affecting health. 

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